Advanced Smile Technology™

Empower braces, which contain self-ligating technology, replace traditional rubber bands with clips (ligatures). Rubber bands must be replaced during adjustment sessions since they may discolor. You will save time by not having to visit our office to make changes to your wires when you use Empower self-ligating clips.

Why should I employ Empower?

  • Brackets with rounded edges and a low profile lessen orthodontic treatment pain by requiring less effort and friction.
  • Self-ligating clips eliminate the need for rubber bands, allowing for quicker and easier adjustments.
  • Empower brackets give precise movement and control with our Dual ActivationTM System, whether interactively or passively.

Empowering Clear Braces

Those undergoing treatment with Empower Clear braces will be able to show off their smile with confidence.

  • Empower clear braces are visually beautiful because of the strong ceramic material they are made of.
  • Elastics, in general, need more frequent replacement and wear out faster than self-ligating brackets.
  • The rounded edges of each bracket create a low profile and softer touch on your cheeks and lips.

We’re here to help you get the smile you’ve always desired. If you call our office to schedule a visit, Empower braces may be ideal for you!

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