PROPEL® Orthodontics

This procedure may speed up your orthodontic treatment.

PROPEL Orthodontics is happy to be able to deliver orthodontic treatment more quickly! If you want to enhance the appearance of your smile but are put off by the thought of wearing braces for months or even years, PROPEL may be the right alternative for you. Because of this cutting-edge orthodontic technology, many patients may now complete their orthodontic treatment in less than a year, even though each patient’s situation is unique.

How does PROPEL perform?

As a consequence of new treatment options, our patients’ orthodontic treatment has gotten more efficient, but not necessarily faster, during the previous two decades. That is, until today!

PROPEL works with your biology by stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth. Because of this therapy, your teeth will be able to move into their right position more rapidly and consistently. Your new smile will be evident sooner, and you will need to visit our office less often. PROPEL is a non-invasive procedure that may be done right here in our clinic.

Furthermore, PROPEL treatment is completely painless. You will not need to take any time off following the treatment, so you may return to work immediately.

It may be used by about 80% of orthodontic patients and can be combined with any treatment approach, including TADs and transparent aligners, as well as standard metal braces. Please contact our office for further details!

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